Get Ready, Bluey’s World Is Bringing 4000-SQM of Family Fun to Hamilton in 2024!

After years starring in homes worldwide through screens, Bluey, Bingo, Bandit, and Chilli will welcome families into their world when Bluey’s World officially opens to the public next year. 

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Opening in August 2024 at the Northshore Pavilion in Hamilton, Bluey’s World is a sprawling 4000 sqm indoor venue that brings all the charm and adventure of the Heeler family into an incredible immersive playground.

Based on the Emmy award-winning preschool series adored by kids around the globe, Bluey’s World aims to fully translate the colourful world of the Blue Heeler puppies and their family from animation into reality. 

Photo credit: Bluey/Facebook

Fans of all ages will be able to explore beloved locations like the Heeler family’s home, garden, neighbourhood creek, and park, all whilst interacting with life-sized characters and playing Bluey-inspired games integrated seamlessly throughout the venues.

Photo credit: Bluey/Facebook

According to the show’s producers, the goal is for children and families to actually experience the entirety of the Bluey world. They note that it is an ambitious undertaking, since the venue will be more than twice as large as any other immersive experience previously created in Australia.

Photo credit: Bluey/Facebook

The interactive concept has attracted significant public and private support, with funding from the Queensland government, Brisbane City Council, BBC Studios, and Brisbane-based Ludo Studio, the studio that produces the Bluey television program. 

Tourism officials estimate the one-of-a-kind family attraction could lure visitors from across Australia and overseas, injecting approximately $18 million annually into the regional economy.

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So get ready for a busy day in ‘Dance mode,’ playing hospital, and all your other favourite Bluey adventures brought to a larger-than-life scale. Bluey’s World promises the ultimate playground for little imaginations and big nostalgia alike when it opens next year. Ticket details still to come!

Published 11-December-2023