Development Assessment of Hudson Common in Albion Extended

Hudson Common
Photo Credit: PD Online/Brisbane City Council

Hudson Common, the planned mixed-use development on Sandgate Road in Albion, is tentatively set to begin construction in late 2021, if approved. However, Council has extended the assessment period of the development application following the submission of some amendments to the proposal.

Alceon, through its development manager, Core Property, filed the paperwork for Hudson Common (DA A005515830) in August 2020, whilst a revised proposal was lodged in December. 

According to an official from Planning Services North, the extension was necessary to allow the urban planners to review the changes. 

Photo Credit: PD Online/Brisbane City Council

Alceon made changes to the development to address concerns like deep tree planting, providing adequate biking and pedestrian access, increasing the parking provisions fixing the traffic setbacks on Sandgate Road, and improving the articulation of the podium’s design and layout.

The company also committed to the submission of a 3D model to demonstrate that the building will not obstruct the views from Lapraik Street to the Taylor Ranges. 

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Photo Credit: PD Online/Brisbane City Council
Photo Credit: PD Online/Brisbane City Council

The Hudson Common project, estimated to be worth $200 million, will redevelop a former eyesore in Brisbane’s north into a mixed-use site with multiple dwellings (at least 77 apartments), office spaces, boutique retail stores, a supermarket, food and drink outlets, sports and recreational facilities, health care and childcare centres. The commercial spaces will cover 5,600 square metres whilst the office spaces will take up about 14,000 square metres.

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Alceon has hired Cox Architecture and Arkhefield for the designs, which will also include a green space plaza to the centre of the commercial towers and residential areas. If all goes to plan, Hudson Common should be ready by late 2022 or early 2023.