Upcoming Events at the Dendy Cinemas Portside, Hamilton

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Lots of exciting events are coming at Dendy Portside beginning this Sunday, 26 August. Get ready for some treat as Dendy Portside present the 30s and 40s Classics Retro Screening, Cliff Richard Live: 60th Anniversary Tour, Classics Screening: The Producers and lots more. To view the complete lineup of upcoming events and festivals, check out Dendy Portside website.

In the meantime, we have three preview screenings picked here for the comedy and psychological thriller film buffs out there. You might want to check these out.


plus Q&A with cast and crew

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“The Devil May Care follows the reluctant rise and fall of Ryan O’Connor (Dave Beamish) across 3 interconnecting short films, each a different genre of movies.”


5:00 p.m. – 5:30 p.m. – Red carpet and photos

Local Resources

5:30 p.m. – 6:00 p.m.  – Introduction and displaying other short films and media

Tower Ad

6:00 p.m.   – Feature screening

Gino's Italian Restaurant

6:30 p.m.   – Q&A with cast and crew

Ryan O’Connor is an Irish mob heir who was just a young boy when he ran away from his father’s violent legacy. Twenty years later, his past is haunting him and he must now find a way to protect his family.

Jonathan Creed’s The Devil May Care Trilogy screening will feature 3 back-to-back films of different genre (crime/thriller, romance/drama, and psycho horror). Each film has a different filmmaking style and each is intertwining into the same story.

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Presented By: Kristian Fletcher

Kristian Fletcher began presenting themed cult movie events when he was just 17. In 2005, he launched a “travelling” retro dance party called Retro-Spekt, which still can be seen at venues around Brisbane.

Ticket Prices

General Admission $17.50

* Includes Sticky Tickets booking fee.

** Ticket prices may vary slightly based on the payment method selected at checkout.

For bookings visit: http://www.kristianfletcher.com/

Preview Screening: The Flip Side

Wednesday, August 29, 6:30 PM

“A feel-good Aussie romantic comedy about what happens when the one that got away comes back.”

A film by Marion Pilowsky, The Flip Side tells the story of Ronnie (Emily Taheny), a deep-in-debt restaurateur who five years ago was left heartbroken when her brief intense romance with British movie star Henry (Eddie Izzard) ended.  Luke McKenzie plays Jeff, Ronnie’s good-hearted boyfriend, who unwittingly creates a way for Ronnie and former fling Henry to meet again.

With Henry having the perfect opportunity to seduce her again and she still having feelings for him, how will Ronnie deal with this awkward situation?

Credit: 20thCenturyFoxFilm/YouTube

Ticket Prices


REGULAR         $12.00

For bookings visit: https://www.dendy.com.au/events/preview-screening-the-flip-side

Club Dendy Screening: Beast

Wednesday, September 12, 6:30 PM

“Be careful what you unleash”

A psychological thriller from director Michael Pearce, Beast explores the dark story of a troubled 27-year-old island girl still living with her family. Despite having a domineering mother and a sister who stole her thunder on her debut, she is too beholden to leave her family and ailing father.

However, when Moll met and fell madly in love with Pascal, she felt alive for the first time. She found the strength to move in with Pascal and break away from her family and the conservative community.

After Pascal got arrested as the key suspect in a series of brutal murders, she was left alone and afraid. Amidst suspicion from the community against Pascal, she chooses to stand by her man. As she deals with the circumstances in her life, she will be forced to make choices that will forever change her life.

Credit: Rapid Trailer/YouTube

Ticket Prices


CLUB ADULT                                $9.00

For bookings visit: https://www.dendy.com.au/events/club-preview-screening-beast