World’s Most Trusted Golf Simulator Takes Centre Stage at The Golf Bunker Hamilton

Did you know that The Golf Bunker at Northshore Hamilton is the only place in Brisbane that has the TrackMan 4, a simulator that allows players to compete in virtual tournaments or challenge other players in a real-time match?

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TrackMan 4 is dubbed the world’s most trusted golf simulator because it is used by 90 of the world’s top 100 golfers.

Whether it’s to practice short putts or a 400-yard drive, the TrackMan 4 can pinpoint the landing position with superior accuracy, thanks to its ability to track and display the full trajectory of any shot.

It also maps the 3D trajectory of shots in real-time, plus provides all impact and launch information.

The Golf Bunker
Photo credit: The Golf Bunker/Facebook

The Golf Bunker, a state-of-the-art indoor golf facility located at Northshore’s Hamilton Harbour precinct, allows its members to have access to this simulator 24 hours a day, every single day of the year, so avid golfers can hone their skills, rain or shine.

Founded by Zac Chipperfield, the facility also offers in-house coaching and fitting sessions at the facility, along with fellow PGA golf professional Chris Crooks.

Mr Chipperfield focuses on working with players to help them understand their goals and techniques, to ensure quality results and improved performance.

“I think it is extremely important to not only provide clients with feedback on their technique and drills to improve their game, but also provide a fundamental understanding of the golf swing.” he said.

The Golf Bunker staff
Photo credit: The Golf Bunker/Facebook

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Those who would like to check out the TrackMan system for the first time may attend casual sessions offered at the facility. Visit their website at to learn more about them and the TrackMan 4 technology.