GoBoat Opens Kangaroo Point Pop-Up As Albion Site Nears Completion

With their permanent home in Breakfast Creek, Albion still under construction, GoBoat has launched a fleet of new eco-friendly picnic boats stationed at the Dockside Marina in Kangaroo Point. 

Though construction isn’t finished for their upcoming permanent venue along Breakfast Creek in Albion, GoBoat has opened a limited-time pop-up venue at Dockside Marina in Kangaroo Point to give Queensland a taste of what the vessels this Danish company has to offer.

“We’ve been so blown away by all the emails, calls & messages from Brisbanites wanting to celebrate occasions or organise get-togethers on our boats that we couldn’t let you wait any longer!” the company announced.

Each boat stands 5.5 metres long, fashioned from recycled materials such as wood and bottles. Shading will be installed to shield those aboard from the elements. 

The boats are eco-friendly and quiet, and the fact that they are powered by German electric engines means they do not produce any smog, nor do they make loud noises. This, combined with the fact that boating licenses won’t be required to operate them, makes them suitable for public use. 

By July 2021, GoBoat will have four additional boats to augment the present fleet.

Those interested in renting the boats can do so for the price of $109 an hour, $189 for two hours, and $229 for three hours. People will be able to bring their own food, beer, and even pets for the ride. Up to eight passengers will be able to fit in a single vessel, making them ideal for group picnics. 

Though the official launch of GoBoat Brisbane in their permanent site at Breakfast Creek, Albion has yet to be announced, their pop-up placeholder is located at Dockside Marina at 44 Ferry St, Kangaroo Point.

For more information, visit their website here. Follow their social media accounts on Facebook and Instagram for the latest updates and announcements concerning the upcoming picnic boats.