Midwinter Market At Vieille Branche

On 14 July, catch Brisbane’s creators at Vieille Branche from 7:30 a.m. to 2:00 p.m. at the Midwinter Market. Step into their creative space in Albion and marvel at their unique creations.

20 Established designers will showcase their wares. You will get to see a cast of regulars as well as new makers at the event. Below are some of them.

Nias Handmade Jewellery

Beautiful handmade jewellery created by artist Jade Solien, her works were brought to life by her need to bring balance and self-care into her life. This creative outlet has brought on plenty of unique creations that were inspired by many cultures that she has encountered and inheriting the same creative qualities from her mum, who is also a jewellery designer. Distinct bold patterns, colour, and the use of natural materials such as a black coral puts a trademark to her creations.

Bee Caring

The best way to care for urban bees is to let them have the freedom, and that is the mission of Bee Caring. They are dedicated to share their knowledge through their urban apiary management and they also spread awareness of the importance of bees especially in the growing urban environment.

Browns General Store

Brown’s is dedicated in supporting local creatives and selling ethically-made products. They offer a wide range of products from baby stuff to wood ware.

Grace Candles

Photo credit: Grace Candles

Owned by Grace Cunningham, her candles are made from 100% organic materials. They offer candles as well as fragrance oils.

Other creatives who will showcase their designs are Alice Nightingale, known for their handmade clothes, Shannon Garson Porcelain, handmade leather goods from Blue & Grace, Meta Design Co, Ukiyo Boutique that is popular from the use of plant-derived fabrics for their handmade clothes, Smashed Media on Paper, Corner Block Studio, and make up and skin care from Dunkle Authentic.

Resident tenants of the Vieille Branche will also be there such as LJC Designs who are known for their clothing items, Botanick for their plants and other garden design, Emile and Solange for boutique fromageria, and Far Container for handmade objects.

Address: 10 Fox Street, Albion