Part of Approved Microbrewery Site In Albion May Be Converted Into A Hotel

A developer is seeking to convert part of an approved brewery space at 31 Collingwood Street, Albion into a hotel that would feature an additional sport and recreation area.

To make way for the hotel, NGU01 Unit Trust and Ralph Lauren 88 Unit Trust will have to alter the internal walls, external façade, structures on both levels of the existing building. If given the green light, it will support the microbrewery, commercial kitchen, food and drink approved over the site in April 2020.

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The ground level would house the retained food and drink outlet and coffee roastery area; a 432-sqm general brewery and hotel area; a 108-sqm microbrewery production and storage; and a 76-sqm ancillary brewery retail sales. A laneway along the eastern and rear part of the building would be retained and the approved pedestrian access points will not be unaffected.

The indoor recreation area, measuring 500-sqm, would be located on Level 2. The subject site has existing use rights for indoor sport and recreation but the developers are seeking to include a group fitness and PT studio room in an area previously unoccupied by the indoor sport and recreation use.

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“The proposed adaption of the approved space as a combined hotel and brewery is consistent with the evolving nature of inner-city industrial areas and complements surrounding land uses in within the Albion locality,” said DTS Group in an assessment report.

The assessment report also noted: “The proposed development represents an adaptive re-use of part of the approved microbrewery space which, once the initial production stage of the operation is complete, will have available area to utilise.”

Designs rendered by Conrad Gargett showed the building would have a contemporary feel, with its plenty of glass windows and the use of neutral colours and wood tones. It is going to be located within an existing 2 storey building which has a building height of less than 15m, consistent with the expectations of the Albion industrial area.

For further details about the proposed development, see A005675120.