Prized Hamilton Home Faces Partial Demolition to Kick Off Next Chapter

An iconic Hamilton home with almost 90 years of history could soon see sleek modern updates if a prominent restaurant couple’s development application gets approved.

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Chef Jason Coats and wife Katie, known for venues like Maya Mexican and Il Molo, have submitted plans to transform parts of the roofline of the stately 1930s Dickson Terrace estate they acquired earlier this year. Though seeking to preserve the grand exterior, their proposed internal facelift somehow contradicts codes for protecting traditional buildings. 

According to planning documents, the “partial demolition of the roof form, and other components as illustrated….do not comply with acceptable outcome AO1.1 of the (council’s) traditional building character (demolition) overlay code.”

Hamilton home
Photo credit: Z Architects

Plans filed detailed demolition of parts of the unique roofline to allow for modern skylights. However, the overall brick exterior and original charm would remain intact. 

Proposed additions lean into the home’s lush riverfront setting, including an enviable pool and sauna. This would complement grand existing spaces like formal dining and a studio ripe for conversion.

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The Hamilton home itself boasts an illustrious past beyond its striking architecture. Famed Brisbane architect Mervyn Rylance imbued his riverfront Mediterranean design with custom details to maximise natural light and connection with the outdoors. 

Prominent Queensland barrister Tony Morris, who was only the second owner of the property, called it a secluded family retreat for around 35 years after purchasing it in 1988 for a modest $480,000. Prior owners even took advantage of its fortress-like walls which served as a neighbourhood bomb shelter back in the day.

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Whilst contradicting heritage demolition codes, the couple feel their vision balances preservation and updates befitting such a distinctive home. Having stood strong since the ’30s, including weathering use as a bomb shelter, a touch of tasteful modernisation could give it new life under the stewardship of Chef Coats.

Published 5-December-2023 

Dickson Terrace Residents Say No to Tycoon’s Extravagant Rebuild

A tycoon’s plans to rebuild a home on Dickson Terrace has been met with strong opposition from fellow residents in the exclusive Hamilton neighbourhood.

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The development application, which received approval in August 2022, entails the construction of a three-storey house designed by architects at Joe Adsett. The project has faced strong objections from local residents who are concerned about the potential impact of the build on their neighbourhood.

The main points of contention raised by fellow residents are the excessive height proposed for the development, which is beyond the height limit for residential areas, and the resulting overshadowing caused by said height.

Photo credit: Joe Adsett

According to the Dwelling House Code, the acceptable maximum building height for the area is two storeys and should not exceed 9.5 metres above ground level. The planners, on behalf of the applicant, argue that the proposed height aligns with the existing building heights of other structures in Dickson Terrace and the surrounding area.

Photo credit: Joe Adsett

One resident expressed shock and disappointment over the approval of a development on a neighbouring property that clearly breaches the established codes.

“In carrying out our due diligence in purchasing our property we researched the codes applying to our residential zone and took some comfort in understanding from these codes the limitations on developments that neighbouring properties could undertake,” the local wrote on a formal submission to Brisbane City Council.

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Planning documents reveal that Gail Coyne, the wife of former State of Origin player Gary Coyne, is the primary applicant for the project. Mr Coyne, after retiring from his sporting career, made a name for himself as a restaurant owner, with at least nine McDonald’s franchises.

Published 12-July-2023