Hamilton’s Eldernell Terrace Named Most Expensive Street In Brisbane For 2023

Eldernell Terrace
Photo credit: Google Street View

Did you know that Eldernell Terrace in Hamilton is the most expensive street in Brisbane for 2023? Here is some of the latest information about the street, based on data from property research firm Suburbtrends.

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Eldernell Terrace came out on the top spot of Suburbtrends’ Top 100 Streets in Brisbane for 2023. According to the report, the median price for houses at Eldernell Tce is around $3.86 million on average. 

Hamilton dominated the list with a total of 21 streets on the list. It’s followed by Ascot and Tenerrife, both with 18, and New Farm with 11. Besides Eldernell Tce, here are other streets in Hamilton which made it to the top 100:

StreetMedian house price estimate
Markwell Street  $3,804,000 
Dickson Terrace$3,704,000
Mullens St$3,702,500
Riverview Tce$3,466,000
Perry St $3,465,000
Lawes St$3,395,000
Quarry St$3,369,000
Hillside Crescent$3,355,000
Windermere Road$3,321,000
Langside Rd$3,301,000
Ludlow St$3,214,000
Killara Avenue$3,210,000
Annie St$3,073,000
Atkinson St$2,948,000
Grays Rd$2,826,500
Hipwood Rd $2,824,000 
Whyenbah St $2,794,000
Crescent Rd$2,766,000 
Prospect Tce $2,726,500

Suburbtrends founder Kent Lardner said this ranking highlights how much the city and riverside suburbs still represent some of the highest priced streets across greater Brisbane.

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“The prestigious suburbs of Hamilton and Ascot dominate our top 100 list. It is no surprise to see most of the streets are located close to the city and along the Brisbane river,” said Mr Lardner.

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Eldernell Terrace
View of the river from Eldernell Terrace (Photo credit: Google Street View)

“What did surprise was the high value per square metre in the streets of New Farm and Teneriffe, which is some of the most expensive land in Australia.”

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Mr Lardner also noted that the methodology was not about selecting streets with one or two sales of mansions or streets with very large block sizes.

Eldernell Terrace
Photo credit: Google Street View

“We have selected streets with a significant number of houses with the highest overall median prices, rather than selecting a street based on the sale of one mansion,” he said.

“Our methodology has created a very different ‘top streets’ list representing streets with a significant number of high priced properties and surrounded by the highest priced homes in the country,” he added.

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To see the list of Brisbane’s top 100 streets for 2023, visit suburbtrends.com