Hamilton, Other QLD Suburbs Battle Car Theft Menace

Did you know that there have been 27 instances of unlawful use of motor vehicles in postcode 4007 (Hamilton, Hamilton Central and Ascot) in the second quarter of 2023 so far, according to data from the Queesland Police Service (QPS)?

Meanwhile, more than 50 vehicles are stolen in Queensland everyday over the past 12 months, with Hamilton along with other affluent Brisbane suburbs included among the car theft hotspots, according to QPS data.

Cairns is top-ranked in the list of car thefts in Queensland with 859 incidents in 2022, followed closely by Toowoomba with 640 and Hendra with 629 for the period from May 2022 to April 2023.

Shockingly, even affluent areas such as Ascot, Hamilton, and Albion have also become targets for vehicle robberies, drawing attention from car thieves to the presence of luxury cars and affluent homes. The hi-tech security systems in modern vehicles have made stealing cars without keys a challenging task, prompting thieves to focus on obtaining the keys first.

Also, experts explained that limited resources pose a significant challenge for law enforcement agencies too as they struggle to cope with the increasing crime rates. This highlights the need for adequate staffing and resources to combat this issue effectively. 

A further perspective on the prevalence of auto theft in Queensland is provided by the survey results revealed by Compare the Market in March 2023. Out of all the surveyed Queensland adults, a staggering 12.4% reported having been victims of car theft, compared to significantly lower percentages in other states.

“The harsh reality is that thousands of cars are stolen each year in Australia, collectively costing us millions of dollars,” Adrian Taylor, the General Manager of General Insurance at Compare the Market said.

“While victims of car theft aren’t to blame, there are things that car owners can do to protect their vehicles from robbery – especially as youth crime rates soar in some parts of the country. Perhaps the most important thing you can do is having relevant insurance in place that covers you in the event of the vehicle being stolen.”

He emphasised the importance of key preventive measures such as avoiding leaving keys in the car, which is a common mistake that Australians make. Mr Taylor advises residents to hide their keys out of sight and always lock their car doors.

Furthermore, he suggested residents consider installing car security systems, such as alarms, to deter potential thieves and provide owners with alerts in case of any theft attempts.

Parking habits can also significantly reduce the risk of theft. Surprisingly, more than half of Australians do not lock their cars securely in a garage when at home.

Published 10-June-2023