Brisbane Metro Airport Connection Proposed

Brisbane City Council has included a proposal for the expansion of the Brisbane Metro out to the airport in its submission to the 2020 Brisbane Airport Master Plan. This will provide airport workers with a quicker and more affordable public transport alternative.

The proposed Brisbane Metro Airport Connection service will potentially run along Airport Drive and possibly through the Airportlink tunnel. The proposal was welcomed by Brisbane Airport CEO Gert-Jan de Graaff and stated that they have been very vocal about the need for similar investments in roads and public transport infrastructure connecting the airport to the city and the region.

Brisbane Metro airport expansion | Video Credit: Lord Mayor Adrian Schrinner / YouTube

Brisbane Airport currently serves more than 23 million passengers per year, which is projected to more than double by 2040. The Airport is also the fastest-growing employment hub in the Qld with the number of people working there projected to double from 24,000 to 46,000 by 2040.

Lord Mayor Schrinner is pushing for the extension of the Brisbane Metro services to the airport to make everyday commuting more affordable for workers and even for tourists. As Airtrain’s long term exclusivity contract will expire 2036, Cr Schrinner said he would be seeking to talk to relevant authorities to make it possible to deliver the affordable public transport project earlier.

Brisbane Metro Airport Connection proposed
Photo credit: Brisbane Airport Corporation/

About the 2020 Brisbane Airport Draft Master Plan

The Draft Master Plan provides an overview of the strategic direction for future development of the airport between now and 2040, with special focus on development plans for 2020-25.

Once approved, the Master Plan will form the basis for future development of airport facilities over the next 20 years, with particular focus on the next five years. The final draft of the Master Plan will be submitted to the Federal Government in December 2019.