Step Right Into the First ‘Carnivale at Northshore’ This August

Photo Credit: Carnivale at Northshore/Facebook

Chart an exciting plan for two weekends this August as the first Carnivale at Northshore opens its gates to thrill-seekers. You can’t miss this pop-up amusement park as it is the main attraction of the Eat Street Northshore entrance along Car Park 1 west of MacArthur Avenue. 

Featuring fantastic rides and games, Carnivale at Northshore will be open from the 9th to 11th and the 16th to the 18th of August 2019. The fun runs from 3:00 p.m. to 5:00 p.m. for Friday and Saturday but Sunday operations are until 8:00 p.m. 

Tag a friend or family and get a chance to win two unlimited ride passes during the opening night. Some of the featured attractions include a mix of sky-high or scary rides and challenging activities that will test your physical skills.

Dodgems or Bumper Cars

Photo Credit: Carnivale at Northshore/Facebook

Dodgem, the classic amusement and uncomplicated park ride, lets you plow and smash other vehicles without the guilt. These bumper cars are safe even for kids so go ahead and ask your little sister to race you on the pavement.

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Walk on Water Balls 

Photo Credit: Carnivale at Northshore/Facebook

These large inflatable spheres are similar to a Zorb, a popular sport in New Zealand. Walk on Water Balls allows you to walk on a pool of water whilst inside this large inflatable transparent ball. It’s quite challenging to do but it’s also loads of fun especially if you’re active and adventurous.

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The Aviator

Photo Credit: Carnivale at Northshore/Facebook

This ride lifts people up the sky at almost 100 feet. While up there, you can fiddle with a joystick that controls the quality of your riding experience via the wings off your seat as if you’re piloting an aircraft. The Aviator is featured with a secure restraint so don’t be afraid to maneuvre hard.

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Extreme Skywalker

Photo Credit: Carnivale at Northshore/Facebook

One of Australia’s most popular extreme rides, this takes you 80 feet off the ground and spins you three times in the air in high speed. The thrill of the Skywalker is incomparable!


Photo Credit: Carnivale at Northshore/Facebook

This ride features a gondola that swings like a pendulum. It starts out slow until you feel it make a 360 turn — like how you’d imagine an exhilarating “magic carpet” ride should be!

The Spook Ghost Train

Photo Credit: Carnivale at Northshore/Facebook

This is probably the biggest ghost train you’ll experience. Featured with animatronics creatures like zombies and ghouls, as well as some pretty convincing actors, this spooky ride will jolt and surprise you that you’re bound to scream your loudest.

If rides aren’t your thing, you can still have loads of enjoyment and gratification at this amusement park. Heaps of prizes are to be won at the gaming booths.

Photo Credit: Carnivale at Northshore/Facebook

This amusement park is popping up for a limited time only. So, grab your chance to experience Carnivale at Northshore before it disappears this August.

Carnivale at Northshore is open for all ages and there’s no entrance fee required. However, you can book ride tickets in advance online for a discounted rate.