Stage Set for Music Concerts at Dendy Cinemas at Portside Hamilton

Dendy Cinemas
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The Portside Wharf in Hamilton is set to be the stage for a series of music concerts as Dendy Cinemas, unveils an exciting lineup of musical experiences for residents and visitors.

Stop Making Sense: A Cinematic Journey with Talking Heads

For music enthusiasts, the month kicks off with a cinematic treat as Dendy Coorparoo and Dendy Portside host the 40th-anniversary 4K re-release of “Stop Making Sense,” a legendary concert film documenting the iconic band Talking Heads during their 1983 tour for the album “Speaking in Tongues.” Celebrated as one of the greatest concert movies of all time, this film captures the band’s creativity, choreography, and visuals that made them a sensation. Fans can relive this momentous journey from 9 November 2023.

Dendy Cinemas
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Dolly Parton: A Rockstar Extravaganza

If you’re a Dolly Parton fan, November 15 is your night to shine. Dendy Cinemas in Hamilton present “Dolly Parton Rockstar: The Global First Listen Fan Event.” This exclusive experience offers a sneak peek into Dolly Parton’s star-studded rock album, “ROCKSTAR,” set to release on 17 November 2023. The event includes selections from the album, an exclusive interview, music videos, and even a special performance of the classic hit “9 to 5.”

Callas – Paris, 1958: A Night with Maria Callas

On 25 and 26 November, Dendy Coorparoo and Dendy Portside present “CALLAS – PARIS, 1958,” an extraordinary experience for opera aficionados. The film offers a unique opportunity to witness the quintessential diva, Maria Callas, during her Paris Opéra debut. Restored in 4K Ultra HD colour from recently discovered original 16mm reels, this performance brings an enchanting piece of opera history to life like never before.

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Dendy Cinemas
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With an array of musical events, Hamilton’s Dendy Cinemas is set to be the go-to destination for music lovers in Brisbane this November.

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These screenings for fans of a variety of genres promise to keep your musical spirits high. Don’t miss out on this unique opportunity to relive and experience the magic of these musical legends on the big screen.

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Published 7-Nov-2023