Prego — Roman-Style Pizzeria Opens in Hamilton

Photo credit: Prego Pizzeria/Facebook

When in Hamilton, eat as the Romans eat! Prego Pizzeria lives up to its name as it welcomes everyone who wishes to indulge in authentic stone-baked goodness.

The idea of “pizza in teglia”, the Italian for “pizza in a tray”, was brought to life by Stefano Bagnoli. Because it’s easier to make, serve, and eat, there’s no better way to eat pizza than this, he reckons.

Photo credit: Prego Pizzeria/Facebook

Bagnoli was eager to bring the unique taste of Rome to Brisbane, so he teams up with some of Brisbane’s best chefs. To make Prego Pizzeria a reality, Bagnoli collaborates with Dimitri Holland and Simon Barakat, the man behind the famous Gino’s and Il Verde

Goodbye to Soggy Pizza

Prego Pizzeria’s pizza is truly special in its Roman taste and its easy-to-pick-up rectangular shape. What’s more is that as a stone-baked pizza, it is designed to be as good as new even after reheating. Say goodbye to takeaway pizzas’ typical sogginess, because this pizza remains crispy just the way it should be.


Photo credit: Prego Pizzeria/Facebook

As it promises to serve authentic Roman menu, this new pizzeria brings the classics such as margherita, sopressa, and gamberi.  The dough is made in-house and each pizza is freshly made upon order. Prego Pizzeria’s menu also includes delicious salads and antipasti dishes. 

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Photo credit: The Gourmand & Gourmet/Facebook

Pizzas are available by the slice, four slices, eight slices, and a dozen slices. However you want your pizza, there’s an array of beer and wine choices to complete the Italian vibe.

Gino's Italian Restaurant

For now, the Roman restaurant offers only dine-in service. But soon enough, their menu will be on Deliveroo and Uber Eats.

“You wanna pizza me?” their neon sign asks. If you definitely do, then go ahead and take a bite of the pizza at 1/53 Racecourse Road, Hamilton.

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