Plans to Add a New Commercial Office Tower at Hamilton Harbour Development Lodged

Plans to Add a New Commercial Office Tower at Hamilton Harbour Development Lodged

An application for the fifth and final portion of the Hamilton Harbour development that seeks the establishment of a multi-storey commercial office building on the corner of Hercules Street and Northshore Way has been lodged.

“KSD-2.0”, designed by COX Architecture, is a 14-storey and 56m high commercial office tower on a site located at 12 Hercules Street and has a total land area of 2,325sqm. Access to the proposed development is gained over its adjoining land located at 485 Kingsford Smith Drive, thus forming part of the application.

Site location at Hamilton Harbour development
Site location | Photo Credit: Queensland Government /
Site plan
Site plan | Photo Credit: Queensland Government /

Proposed by CIMIC, the development will cover a total GFA of 15,178sqm across all levels including the basement, ground floor and the four podium levels. There will be an office lobby as well as three tenancies at the ground level, one (82sqm) at Kingsford Drive end and the other two (82sqm and 123sqm) on the entrance at Hercules Street and the corner of Hercules Street and Northshore Way. 

Basement plan  of proposed development at Hamilton Harbour
Basement plan | Photo Credit: Queensland Government /
Ground floor plan
Ground floor plan | Photo Credit: Queensland Government /

A total of 170 car parking spaces is proposed across the basement level (42 car parking spaces) and four podium levels (32 car parking spaces for each level). Level 1 will have a total office space GFA of 1,269sqm whilst Levels 2 to 8 will cover a total of 1,462sqm GFA.

Level 4
Level 4 | Photo Credit: Queensland Government /
Levels 5 to 12
Levels 5 to 12 | Photo Credit: Queensland Government /
Roof Terrace / Plant
Roof Terrace / Plant | Photo Credit: Queensland Government /

“The design of the building is contemporary including a number of modern elements to visually enhance the space and orientation of the building being located on a corner,” planners at RPS noted about the proposal’s architectural treatment. 

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“Specifically, the building has been oriented to ensure the podium car parking is located on the less prominent corner. In addition, the building incorporates greenery on the façade of the building through well designed landscaping elements on the sleeve of the Podium.”

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Currently located at the Hamilton Harbour precinct are more than 600 residential apartment units and a 5-level commercial building plus several retail spaces and a Woolworths Metro.

Being situated within the Northshore Hamilton Priority Development, the proposal is currently being assessed by Economic Development Queensland.