Operation Whiskey Legion Targets Youth Crime in Hamilton, North Brisbane

Operation Whiskey Legion Youth Crime Hamilton
Photo Credit: QPS

In response to Queensland’s escalating youth crime crisis, Operation Whiskey Legion has been launched in North Brisbane, including Hamilton, initiating a targeted crackdown to reduce crime rates.

From 19 June 2024, members of the North Brisbane Police District will have an active presence around North Brisbane and assist the locals concerning issues on public safety, tackling motor vehicle theft, home break-ins, and enforcement against domestic violence order breaches.

Based on the Queensland Police Services crime map, Hamilton has had 407 incidents within the last year. Of these incidents, the majority were unlawful entry and other thefts. Most of these thefts involved the youth.

Photo Credit: QPS
Hamilton – Unlawful Entry
Photo Credit: QPS
Hamilton Youth Crime Other Thefts
Hamilton – Other Theft
Photo Credit: QPS

Since its inception on April 2, Operation Whiskey Legion has made significant strides in six districts across Queensland. 

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“Throughout the operation, police have conducted more than 1,444 hot spot patrols, over 974 wanding operations, and in excess of 364 bail/curfew compliance checks,” explained Acting Assistant Commissioner of Crime and Intelligence Command, Denzil Clark. This statewide effort has resulted in 1,380 adults being charged with 3,126 offences, and 290 juveniles facing over 836 offences.

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Assistant Commissioner Ben Marcus highlighted the operation’s benefits, saying, “The additional resources will enhance our enforcement capabilities to not only reduce crime but also to strengthen community safety.” 

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This initiative brings together resources from the Crime and Intelligence Command, the Rapid Action and Patrols group, and other units of the Queensland Police Service.

Acting Chief Superintendent Simon Tayler emphasized the importance of community cooperation for the success of Operation Whiskey Legion. “We are asking the community to help us by being extra vigilant during this operation. Secure your homes, keep your car keys out of sight, and report any suspicious behaviour,” he stated, underlining the crucial role of residents in crime prevention.

The North Brisbane Police District

Residents with relevant information are encouraged to contact Policelink or report anonymously via Crime Stoppers. Community participation is essential for enhancing the impact of Operation Whiskey Legion in Hamilton and across North Brisbane.

Published 24-June-2024