Proposed New Short-Term Accommodation Development on Kingsford Smith Drive Goes on Public Notice

The Kingsford Hamilton
Photo Credit: DA A006335435

Did you know that there could soon be a state-of-the-art, short-term accommodation to be developed on Kingsford Smith Drive in Hamilton?

Slated for construction at 502 Kingsford Smith Drive, if approved, the development (DA A006335435) lodged in August 2023, is open for submissions from 25 Oct to 17 Nov 2023. 

“Once a development application has been publicly notified, interested parties are invited to make submissions within a 20 business day public notification period. Following the 20 business day timeframe, the opportunity for submissions closes and the application is further assessed taking into consideration comments made by submitters,” per Economic Development Queensland.

Innovative Design and Amenities

Designed by the esteemed Myers Ellyett Architects, the proposal envisions a 5-storey residential tower with 44 high-density units, offering an array of amenities and communal spaces. The development is set to encompass levels 2 to 5, with an impressive communal rooftop space. Levels 2 and 3 will house 12 rooms each, whilst Level 4 boasts 2 landscaped terraces and 10 rooms. 

The Kingsford Hamilton
Photo Credit: DA A006335435

The rooftop level, a truly standout feature, includes a café, yoga lawn, seating zone, function zone, and a garden edge. Furthermore, the ground level will feature a lobby, a convenient pick-up/drop-off area, three staff car parks, a loading/servicing zone, and lush planting and landscaping.

Tower Ad

The project places a strong emphasis on aesthetics and community engagement, with screening and vegetation enhancing the building’s façade along Kingsford Smith Drive, affording residents private terraces and balconies. The rooftop area will provide a communal open space with outdoor landscaped spaces, a café, and a function area, all thoughtfully designed to complement the short-term accommodation use.

Gino's Italian Restaurant
The Kingsford Hamilton
Photo Credit: DA A006335435

Promoting Streetscape Activation

Mewing Town Planning, the planners overseeing the project, are keen to ensure that the development aligns with the neighbourhood’s character and encourages street-level activation. 

“At ground level, the development proposes the lobby and landscaped courtyard within proximity of the street frontage, consistent with the outcomes of the Neighbourhood Plan, which will encourage the activation and overlooking of the street,” the planner stated. “The landscaping within the frontage will soften the presence of the development and contribute to the character and amenity of the streetscape.”

The Kingsford Hamilton
Photo Credit: DA A006335435

The project includes a setback of 5.5 meters from the front boundary to prevent the development from overwhelming the streetscape. This setback, combined with an intricately designed façade, vertical batten screening, landscaping, and a central recessed form, ensures that the new addition to Hamilton integrates seamlessly with its surroundings.

Parking and Accessibility

A total of 22 car parking spaces are part of the plan, comprising 19 guest spaces, including three drop-off bays, and three staff spaces. Vehicle and pedestrian access will be facilitated via a shared driveway and a pedestrian entrance lobby. To accommodate environmentally conscious visitors, the proposal also includes 64 bicycle parking spaces, promoting sustainable transportation options.

The proposed development spans 1,281 square metres of gross floor area (GFA) with a site cover of 60 per cent. The development is set to invigorate the area and cater to the short-term accommodation needs of visitors and locals, creating a new landmark within the charming suburb of Hamilton.

Head to the BCC Development site to make a submission for DA A006335435

Published 24-Oct-2023