Monet in Paris Exhibition Extended: Northshore Hamilton to Welcome Art Lovers until August 2023

Monet in Paris Exhibition
Photo credit: Monet in Paris/Facebook

Due to popular demand, Northshore Hamilton is set to extend its highly anticipated Monet in Paris exhibition until late August this year. 

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Northshore Hamilton has been transformed into an artistic wonderland with the arrival of this exhibition in Brisbane, drawing inspiration from 19th century France and the works of Claude Monet and other Impressionist painters.

Originally scheduled to run from 7 June to 6 August only, the exhibition will now continue to dazzle visitors until 27 August 2023, offering a rare opportunity to be immersed in a 360-degree display of Monet’s world. 

Photo credit: Monet in Paris/Facebook

Enormous projections of famous paintings by Monet and other Impressionist artists illuminate the space, bringing their bold brushstrokes and vibrant colours to life.

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Photo credit: Monet in Paris/Facebook

Beyond the visual spectacle, the exhibition explores the historical context of the Impressionist movement. Visitors can learn about the social and political turbulence of the time through interactive displays and informative exhibits. The exhibition captures the essence of 19th century Paris, with its lively cabarets, elegant salons, and bustling streets that inspired the artists.

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To create a truly immersive experience, Monet in Paris engages all the senses. Visitors can enjoy the scent of flowers, the sounds of city life, and the vibrant colours of the projected artworks, transporting them back in time to Monet’s era.

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This highly anticipated exhibition has become a must-see cultural event, attracting visitors from far and wide. It not only revives interest in the Impressionist movement but also sparks conversations about the intersection of art, history, and society. By celebrating the legacy of Monet and his contemporaries, Monet in Paris pays tribute to the artists who revolutionised the art world.

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Published 12-July-2023