IWC Top Gun Watch, iPhones and More Brisbane Airport Lost Items Up for Auction

Brisbane Airport Online Auction
Photo Credit: Gerd Altman/Pixabay

Snag a bargain online as more than 500 times left behind at the Brisbane Airport go up for auction soon! Items include an IWC Top Gun watch worth $10k to $30k, iPhones and tablets, jewellery, and strollers or prams.

Lloyd’s Auction will conclude the bidding for internet and absentee bidders on Sunday, 6 November 2022, at 10:00 a.m. 

Efforts have been made to return these lost items to their rightful owners. However, at least two-thirds remain unclaimed at the Visitor Information Centre in Brisbane Airport for more than 60 days. These items are either donated to charity or stored for the annual property auction, which has been ongoing for the last four years.

This year’s items include:

  • Huge volume of IT gear including Laptops, Phones, Tablets, E-Readers & more 
  • 2 x Hoverboards 
  • Over 56 sets of Headphones  
  • 5 x Guitars 
  • 36 x Prams / Strollers 
  • Clothes with new tags including Shoes, Shirts, Hats & more 
  • Prints of Batman, Landscapes, Florals & John Lennon 
  • 8 x Audio Speakers 
  • Jewellery – Bracelets, Rings, Ear Rings, Charms 
  • Kitchen Appliances – Pasta Maker, Rice Cooker 
  • 3 x Basketballs 
  • Coffee Machine 
  • A range of medical aids such as first aid kits, walking sticks, crutches, walking frame etc 
  • Multiple Fishing Rods 
  • 6 x Body Boards 
  • Watches & Fitbits 
  • 4 x Cricket Bats 
  • A Disney themed Scooter 
  • 4 x Hockey Sticks 
  • Variety of Handbags, Suitcases, Backpacks, Duffle bags etc 
  • 2 x Golf Clubs 
  • 2 x Cameras 
  • Bocce Set 
  • 1 x Massage Table 
  • A Surveyors Staff 
  • Assorted Memorabilia & Sporting Merchandise

Additional exclusive airport items will also be up for grabs, such as:

Tower Ad
  • 1 year of free parking at Brisbane Airport 
  • a valuable piece of Brisbane Airport history with a Movement Area Guidance Sign (MAGS) from Runway 01/19 
  • a behind-the-scenes personal tour of Brisbane Airport  

Proceeds of the Brisbane Airport lost items auction will be directed to The Courier-Mail Children’s Fund. In 2021, the auction raised $17,699.20 and allowed Braille House to produce 25 new books, including a story on “Bluey,” for blind children. 

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