Hamilton Could Soon Have a Sky Forest on Kingsford Smith Drive

sky forest Kingsford Smith Drive
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A ‘sky forest’ is poised to redefine Hamilton’s skyline, as architecture firm Myers Ellyett reveals plans for a groundbreaking apartment building on Kingsford Smith Drive.

The firm describes the planned 14-level tower at 92 Kingsford Smith Drive as a gateway project that offers a “unique approach to urban living.” The development application (DA A006311523) was filed in July 2023.

sky forest kingsford smith drive
Photo Credit: DA A006311523

The proposed site sits at the junction of the Brisbane River and Breakfast Creek, affording unobstructed panoramic views.

The architectural wonder will comprise 62 apartments, encompassing an array of 20 two-bedroom units and 42 spacious three-bedroom apartments.

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Each of the 62 apartments will feature entry through sky gardens, providing open-air passages and private green havens.

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The crowning glory of the structure will be a sprawling rooftop oasis spanning 1,048 sqm, adorned with a swimming pool, spa, gym with sauna, yoga lawn, private dining area, wine room, and barbecue space.

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sky forest kingsford smith drive
Photo Credit: DA A006311523

On the other hand, the lower levels will accommodate 148 car spaces, 78 bicycle spaces, and commercial tenancies, creating a holistic living experience. 

sky forest kingsford smith drive
Photo Credit: DA A006311523

The firm’s design philosophy draws inspiration from the subtropical surroundings of Brisbane, where indoor and outdoor living merge seamlessly. The edifice, soaring 14 levels above ground, has been conceptualized as two distinctive entities: the “trunk” and the “treehouses.”

The apartment building’s design reflects the fusion of indoor and outdoor living that is characteristic of homes in subtropical Brisbane , fostering a lifestyle surrounded by greenery and gardens.

sky forest kingsford smith drive
Photo Credit: DA A006311523

The visionary behind the project is Industry Corp, with local entrepreneur Dennis Tomasel at the helm.

Mewing Planning Consultants, in their Town Planning Assessment, commended the project’s alignment with Brisbane’s subtropical ethos. They described the development as an embodiment of urban consolidation, catering to the demand for high-density residential spaces in a central location.

“92 Kingsford Smith Drive, Hamilton, embraces the region’s climate and leverages the site’s exceptional amenity and vistas. It exhibits a scale that complements and distinguishes itself from the surrounding urban landscape,” stated the consultants.

Wild Studio, renowned for landscaping, will shape the lush surroundings. Their vision entails creating a thriving forest that harks back to the site’s original landscape, offering residents enchanting outdoor spaces that celebrate the healing power of nature. 

Supporting the city’s “Buildings That Breathe” initiative, the project sets out to establish new standards for eco-conscious urban living, infused with native greenery. 

Published 29-Aug-2023