Fire-powered Pan-Asian Restaurant Flaming & Co To Open At Racecourse Road

Flaming & Co
The new restaurant will open next to Kos Cafe in Racecourse Road (Photo credit: Google Street View)

Attention, Asian food lovers! A new pan-Asian, fire-powered restaurant called Flaming & Co will soon open along Racecourse Road.

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Flaming & Co is a new concept from the Phoenix Group, the same Chinese restaurant group that has been operating in Australia since 1999. Originally from New South Wales, they entered the Brisbane market in 2019 with a location at George Street, serving their famous yum cha and dim sum.

Although the menu at their new restaurant is still being finalised, diners can expect modern Australian dishes, with influences from various Asian cuisines, including Sichuan, Korean, Cantonese, and Japanese.

Flaming & Co
Photo credit: Leonhard Niederwimmer/Pixabay 

As with traditional pan-Asian cuisine, food will come from a fusion of flavours and ingredients from throughout Asia. Sichuan cuisine, for instance, is known for its bold flavours from the abundant use of spices.

To be located next to Kos Cafe and Krazy Dessert Restaurant and Bar, the place will undergo a major transformation, with the addition of a hidden bar area and laneway dining. Guests can also choose to sit and watch the staff prepare the dishes live from the open kitchen.

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Flaming & Co
Photo credit: Mikhail Nilov/Pexels

Inside the open kitchen, chefs will cook almost everything on the menu over open flames, such as the flamed oysters and fish with chilli marinade. Whilst fire is the theme here, there will also be deep-fried dishes from the new restaurant. 

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On the drinks front, the owners have curated an impressive list of brews and wines both from local and international makers. There will also be cocktails and mixed drinks to pair with their pan-Asian fare.

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Flaming & Co is anticipated to open by March 2023. We will keep you posted with further information once they open.