Hamilton Drop-off Point Opened in Support Of “Dresses for the Drought” Initiative

Photo credit: Btcpg/Wikimedia Commons

It started out as a campaign intended to collect about 20-40 formal dresses for teens in drought-affected areas. The movement was initiated by sisters Anita Guyett and Tashoni Hardy which they launched through the Facebook page “Dresses for the Drought Australia”. The sisters called for donations of frocks, suits, shoes and accessories for the school formal of teens in the drought-affected farming communities.

Photo credit: Dresses for the Drought Australia/Facebook

The sisters’ initiative touched the hearts of people across Australia. In just a matter of days, it already garnered thousands of followers. Support has been overwhelming and responses from donors and commenters were very heartwarming.

Donations continue to pour in at Racecourse Road Dental, on 1/33 Racecourse Rd, Hamilton as more people in nearby cities become aware of the ongoing effort.


Farmers in New South Wales and Queensland are feeling the effects of the worst drought in living memory. Many teens in these farming areas are facing possibilities that they will have to forgo this once-in-a-lifetime event.

Tashoni Hardy currently lives in Clayfield and her sister Anita Guyett lives in Melbourne. They both grew up in rural Mackay region, known for its wildlife and fishing. This somehow made them feel more connected with the sufferings of their friends who also grew up away from the city, in regional farming communities.

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Ms Guyett said that she heard of stories that some schools are calling-off their formals. The situation that the farming communities are facing have saddened them and they felt the need to help and organise something.

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Mrs Hardy remembered how amazing the formals were and she felt that “to not have that opportunity as a young woman or a young man” would be sad.

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“I think it’s really important for everyone to have that opportunity to have a special night and feel comfortable in their own skin and not have enormous costs involved with it,”  Mrs Hardy said.

Government Support

The efforts of Anita Guyett and Tashoni Hardy have also gained support from the government. A government facility in Longreach was opened to house the donations coming from Brisbane.

“I commend the initiative organised by Tashoni and Anita and encourage everyone to dig through their wardrobes and donate formal attire they may not need anymore,” Minister Mark Furner said.

Minister Mark Furner  also delivered a box containing donations of dresses and accessories from his ministerial staff. “This is a small thing that the Queensland Government is doing to help this wonderful initiative and I would like to thank the DAF staff for coming on board,” Minister Furner further said.

For more information about the “Dresses for the Drought” donation drive, please visit the Facebook page: facebook.com/dressesforthedrought.

Donation drop off point is at Racecourse Road Dental, at 1/33 Racecourse Rd, Hamilton