Cruise Ship Terminal at Portside Included Among Brisbane-to-Moreton Bay Tour Pick-up Points

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Did you know that the Cruise Ship Terminal at Portside is among the possible  passengers pick up points of a $2.1-million state government project involving the building of a series of jet boats to boost tourism in the Moreton Bay region?

Tourism Industry Development Minister Kate Jones said that the State Government in partnership with Australian Jet Boats Pty Ltd will build four jet boats for the “Moreton Bay day adventures” project which is slated to commence early 2020.

The jet boats will be built in Brisbane, generating six jobs during its production and 15 jobs once the service is in full operation. The project is expected to attract an additional 62,000 visitors annually and inject up to $6 million per annum in the region’s economy in terms of visitor spending.

“We’re delivering new tourism infrastructure that we know will create jobs for locals and generate millions for the tourism industry,” Ms Jones said.

“By promoting connectivity with Brisbane via the River, there are huge opportunities to grow the tourism industry in Moreton Bay – that’s what today’s announcement is all about.”

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Photo Credit: Visit Moreton Bay Region / Facebook

Each fast tour boat, with a capacity of up to 30 passengers, will transport visitors to Moreton Bay from pick up points including the newly constructed Queen’s Wharf terminal, the Cruise Ship Terminal at Portside, Howard Smith Wharves and other River Access Hub Pontoons.

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“The next generation of visitors want to experience something they can’t get anywhere else,” she said.

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“No matter who you are or where  you’re from – there’s something great to experience at Moreton Bay.

“You’ll be able to go shopping at Queen’s Wharf or have a few drinks at Howard Smith Wharves. Then with less than an hour and a half’s ride on a jet boat you’ll be able to experience one of the most beautiful island ecosystems on the planet. This is a huge selling point,” Ms Jones said.

Photo Credit: Visit Moreton Bay Region / Facebook

The fast tour boats can travel up to 45 knots and will take about 75 to 90 minutes to reach the islands from Brisbane CBD, Australian Jet Boats director Anthony Stanton said.

“Our project will ‘connect the dots’ and make the waters of Moreton Bay a seamlessly accessible ‘must do’ attraction for any visit to southeast Queensland,” he said.

“Our hope is that our boats will become an instrument for us to showcase the story of the bay, its traditional owners and newer settlers.

“Many tourists arrive in Brisbane and use the city as a stepping stone to other Queensland destinations.  We hope by linking the city’s key accommodation areas to the wonders of the Bay, we can keep these visitors here a little longer.”