Byblos Brings A Feast of Authentic Mediterranean Flavours

Photo Credit: Byblos Brisbane/Facebook

Step into Byblos and be transported to a world of authentic Mediterranean flair, where the food is flavourful and the vibe is perfect for relaxing with your group. Specialising in Lebanese cuisine, this restaurant is located within the lovely Portside Wharf in Hamilton. 

Byblos, so named after the oldest Lebanese city, has a mix of seating options by the riverside patio, the curtained lounge and the large dining areas for family gatherings. Every part of this dining spot exudes luxury Middle Eastern ambience.  

Photo Credit: Byblos Brisbane/Facebook
Photo Credit: Byblos Brisbane/Facebook

Open since 2005, the secret to Byblos’ longevity isn’t just because of its food. Northeasterners often pick this place for enjoying a few after-work shenanigans or catching up with friends. 

Byblos’ menu is extensive and ideal for even the fussiest eater.  The rekakat (lightly fried filo pastries filled with feta and mozzarella cheese, chopped onion and fresh herbs) comes highly recommended and goes well with the long list of cocktails and drinks from its award-winning bar. 

Photo Credit: Byblos Brisbane/Facebook

As it is a Mediterranean restaurant, Byblos isn’t lacking in healthy options. Choices of salads, grilled skewers and mezat (meat) dishes are plenty. These are often served for sharing with a friend. The Lebanese love dining so much that meals are always social events. 

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Photo Credit: Byblos Brisbane/Facebook

If this is your first visit, the restaurant has a Mezza banquet option ideal for four people minimum. It includes starters, entrees and desserts, so you can try every flavours that this eatery has to offer. 

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Photo Credit: Byblos Brisbane

Byblos is open daily from for lunch and dinner. There’s a live music performance every Sunday afternoon. For its trading hours, refer to its Facebook Page.

“Authentic Mediterranean food! Arrived and Brisbane at night and we wanted a small fancy place for dinner. The place is relatively crowded and hyped up. Many locals I assume, came for drinks. Food was really nice, especially the hummus dip. Worth the price tag and the visit!”

Dennis Chan, Google Reviews

“We had the best night out here. The food was amazing, the ambience was so relaxing and the wait staff were just so helpful and lovely. 2 very enthusiastic thumbs up!”

Geri Davie, Facebook

“Good food, came quickly. Booked a last minute table with ease. Would recommend. They have booths which makes it easy when you have a number of kids with you.” 

Tablefor6, Zomato