Some of the Best Vegan and Vegetarian Food in Hamilton

Hamilton’s plant-based dining scene has blossomed in recent years, with an increasing number of restaurants offering vegan or vegetarian fare alongside their meat-based menus. Here are some restaurants in Hamilton that offer delicious and inspired vegan and vegetarian dining options.

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Petrichor & Co

Address: Corner Allen Street &, Unit 1/33 Racecourse Rd, Hamilton


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Photo credit: Petrichor & Co/Facebook

Once named Brisbane’s best cafe by a local newspaper, Petrichor & Co is an all-day breakfast café with a Colombian flair.

The spiced pumpkin pancakes are a hit, but many patrons return for the housemade white maize arepa, poached eggs, and Marranitas – plantain stuffed croquettes with cheese, tomato chipotle sauce, spinach and chilli scrambled eggs. The online menu indicates which items are vegan, vegetarian, dairy-free and gluten-free.

The cafe’s famous Spiced Pumpkin Pancakes (Photo credit: Petrichor & Co/Facebook)

The coffee is sourced from Dramanti, an artisan roaster, but you can also enjoy turmeric lattes, masala chai, shakes, and smoothies.

Soon, Petrichor & Co will launch an online store selling their popular relishes, chai, and cakes for customers to enjoy at home.

Aamaya Indian Restaurant

Address:  Portside Wharf, 11/39 Hercules St, Hamilton


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Photo credit: Aamaya Indian Restaurant/Facebook

Aamaya, the only Indian Restaurant in Portside Wharf, has a dedicated vegetarian menu alongside their dinner offerings which makes it one of top choices for vegetarian restaurants in Hamilton.

For curry lovers, Aamaya offers a wide range of classic, seafood, chicken, and vegetarian curries to choose from. Tandoori breads like the cheese and garlic naan are a hit.

Aamaya is also family-friendly, with a kids menu including fish fingers, chicken nuggets and chips.

Photo credit: Aamaya Indian Restaurant/Facebook

The Indian restaurant’s airy, modern dining hall is filled with natural light streaming through large windows and decorated with abstract artwork, providing a stylish backdrop for enjoying traditional Indian cuisine.

Pancha Cafe

Address: 6/33 Racecourse Rd, Hamilton 


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Photo credit: Pancha Cafe/Facebook

Pancha Cafe is a charming spot serving farm-fresh meals with an eye for presentation. Dishes arrive artfully plated in a way that entices both the palate and your camera.

Their goal is to provide customers with products straight from their own farm and other local producers, creating dishes that highlight the flavours of in-season ingredients. or breakfast, customers rave about the fluffy pancakes, toasts, and salads.

Photo credit: Pancha Cafe/Facebook

Pancha Cafe sets itself apart with its vegan and vegetarian options, which make up a majority of the menu. Herbivores can enjoy items like the vege stack sanga, featuring grilled veggies, basil pesto, and semi-dried tomatoes on Turkish bread.

Danthai Kitchen and Bar (by Northern Thai)

Address: 5/53 Racecourse Rd, Hamilton


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Photo credit: Northern Thai Restaurant/Facebook

When you’re craving a hearty Thai curry in Brisbane, Danthai Kitchen is the place to visit. Known for their generous portion sizes, Danthai Kitchen specialises in Thai curries that satisfy.

The massaman curry is a standout, with tender meat cooked with potatoes in a mild, coconut milk-based sauce. The rich and creamy curry balances Thai flavours like lemongrass, tamarind, and cinnamon. 

Another favourite is the pad thai, with stir-fried rice noodles, tamarind sauce, chives, egg, peanuts, and bean sprouts. The tangy-sweet sauce coats the noodles and veggies for a balanced texture and taste. For those looking to skip the meat, Danthai Kitchen shines with their wide range of vegetarian curries.

Photo credit: Northern Thai Restaurant/Facebook

With its family-friendly atmosphere and reasonable prices, Danthai Kitchen brings the best of Thai comfort food to Brisbane. Their curries delight with complex flavours in servings big enough to share. 


Address: Portside Wharf


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Photo credit: Byblos/Facebook

Tucked away in Portside Wharf is Byblos, an award-winning restaurant bringing authentic Lebanese cuisine to the city. With its breezy terrace overlooking the river, Byblos offers a slice of the Mediterranean in both its ambiance and its menu.

While Byblos has gained a reputation for its extensive cocktail menu, the food steals the show. The menu focuses on Lebanese mezze, small shared plates that allow diners to sample a variety of flavours. Dishes like the marinated lamb, kibbeh, and halloumi salad showcase Byblos’ flair for combining herbs, spices, meats, and vegetables into explosions of colour and taste.

Vegetarian Restaurants in Hamilton
Photo credit: Byblos/Facebook

The healthy Mediterranean ingredients come together in dishes that delight the palate with herbs, spices, and complexity. Within Brisbane’s diverse culinary scene, Byblos stands out for bringing Lebanese flair and flavours to the riverfront.

Vegan and Vegetarian

A plant-based diet provides benefits for health and the environment. However, there are key differences between vegan and vegetarian approaches.

Vegans eschew all animal products including meat, dairy, eggs, and other ingredients derived from living things. Their diet relies entirely on fruits, vegetables, grains, legumes, nuts, seeds, and other plant foods. Ethical, environmental, and health motivations often drive veganism.

Vegetarians avoid meat, fish, and poultry but may incorporate dairy and eggs. Types of vegetarianism range from lacto-ovo (dairy and eggs allowed) to lacto (dairy only) to ovo (eggs only).

Both diets can meet nutritional needs if thoughtfully planned. The choice depends on personal values, health goals, and sustainability aims. Veganism represents a total shift away from animal products, while vegetarianism mainly eliminates meat consumption.

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These restaurants in Hamilton prove that dietary restrictions don’t have to limit flavour or creativity. With their enticing, thoughtful menu options for vegans and vegetarians, they make plant-based eating an absolute pleasure rather than a compromise. 

Published 16-August-2023