Portside Wharf’s Sweetest Addition: Rise Bakery Hits Hamilton After Gold Coast Success

Gold Coast’s best bakery is coming to town! Rise Bakery is set to expand to Brisbane, with a sister venue opening soon at Hamilton’s Portside Wharf.

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Renowned chefs Adrien Marcinowski and Maxime Bournazel are spearheading this coveted patisserie and wine bar. They expressed their attraction to the tenancy at Portside Wharf, citing the lively community within the precinct and the excellent riverfront position as key factors.

Nestled within a spacious 155-sqm site with both indoor and outdoor spaces, this magnificent duo will enthral patrons with their signature range of tantalising French delicacies.

Picture yourself savouring the ethereal delights of flaky, butter-infused croissants and artisanal bread that will transport you to the enchanting streets of Paris. 

Rise’s Gold Coast location (Photo credit: James Patten/Google Maps)

As if that wasn’t enough, the bakery will proudly present a captivating collection of patisserie creations so exquisitely adorned that they might just be deemed too beautiful to consume.

Yet, there’s more to this extraordinary destination than meets the eye. Enter the realm of the breathtaking champagne bar, an opulent oasis where effervescent French bubbles flow freely, harmonising with the melodic notes of Bear Bones coffee and the aromatic allure of Tavalon tea. 

Not to be outdone, a thoughtfully curated selection of global wines stands ready to embark on a journey of sensory delight with each discerning guest.

Photo credit: John Wong/Google Maps

Designed by the visionary talents at Clui Design, the interior of this remarkable establishment is a manifestation of elegance and sophistication. 

Upon its completion, Rise Bakery will boast a sophisticated and enchanting ambiance, inspired by the allure of French aesthetics. Their interior design will exude elegance, characterised by a palette of ethereal whites, delicate pinks, and tasteful touches of gold.

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This dazzling bakery will join the ranks of other esteemed culinary establishments at Portside Wharf, including the seafood restaurant, Fosh by Michael Tassis by mid-2023. Follow the Portside Wharf’s website to stay updated about the Rise Bakery’s opening.

Rise Bakery will be located within Portside Wharf at 39 Hercules St, Hamilton.

Published 11-May-2023