Developer Looks to Demolish 1940s Hamilton Abode

A 1940s home at Langside Road in Hamilton faces an uncertain future, as the owners seek approval for demolition.

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Developer Hua Feng Development Pty Ltd purchased the pre-1947 property at 33 Langside Rd two years ago and is now applying to tear down the four-bedroom house. 

They commissioned a consultant’s report arguing that extensive modifications over the decades have stripped the transverse gable-style home of its original heritage character.

Real estate marketing photo of 33 Langside Rd, Hamilton, showing the gable roof form (Photo credit:

Changes include conversion to a duplex in the 1960s, a third storey addition in 1967, and a front carport added more recently. The report states these alterations, along with construction of larger modern houses nearby, have left the subject property looking out of place on the street.

Aerial view of subject property (Photo credit : Brisbane City Council)

Heritage consultant Malcolm Elliott concludes the 1940s home no longer retains its traditional charm and now appears “incongruous” among contemporary homes in the area.

Hua Feng submitted their development application to the Brisbane City Council in November 2023. Local officials are currently reviewing the proposal.

Can a Pre-1947 House Be Demolished?

A house or building constructed before 1947 that is also located in the Traditional building character overlay cannot be demolished. However, Council’s planning scheme allows for some limited exceptions where these older buildings can be removed.

In order for Council to approve demolition, the development application must meet the following criteria:

  • The building has undergone substantial alterations over time that have changed its original form and character.
  • The building has been deemed structurally unsound or unstable.
  • Demolition of the building would not result in a significant loss of traditional neighbourhood character.
  • The building is situated on a part of the street that no longer retains traditional building styles.

Additionally, if the house was built in 1911 or earlier, the only justification for demolition would be if the building is structurally unsound and not reasonably capable of being repaired.

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In summary, local officials make some allowances for demolition of historic buildings in special cases, but there is a high bar to meet one of the qualifying criteria.

Published 9-January-2024