Northshore Hamilton Prepares to Transform for the 2032 Brisbane Olympics

In a multi-stage development, a section of Northshore Hamilton could first be used as an events space for concerts, a circus space, or a recreational centre before its final transformation into the Games Athletics Village for the 2023 Brisbane Olympics.

A development application (DEV2021/1200) submitted to the State Development, Infrastructure, Local Government and Planning is seeking approval to use parts of Northshore Hamilton for different activities for at least six years or until the Olympic Village opens. 

Existing buildings in this section could be refurbished and repurposed to accommodate a cinema or drive-in theatre, a party venue for birthdays and weddings, or a flea market that could be held regularly.

The site might also be used for trade shows and exhibits, food or wine festivals, and an assortment of training or workshops. Updates and improvements to the public realms will include landscaping, lighting, and pedestrian access.

Photo Credit: State Development, Infrastructure, Local Government and Planning

Currently, Stage 1 of the Northshore Hamilton Development Scheme, covering 304 hectares of land between Kingsford Smith Drive and the Brisbane River, is underway.

“The proposal in no way seeks to compromise the development of the site in line with the ultimate intent of the Development Scheme, but rather seeks to activate – through the use of public spaces and repurposing of existing buildings – the waterfront at Northshore with the anticipation that community goodwill will build, prospective investors will gain confidence, and vibrant people places will result,” the developers stated. 

Meanwhile, the Games Athletics Village is expected to house more than 10,000 athletes and officials during the 2023 Brisbane Olympics. After the games, facilities in Northshore Hamilton will be offered as a residential site, an aged care facility, a social housing, or a build-to-rent market.

Hamilton Northshore Seen as Ideal Site For Olympics Athletes’ Village

Did you know that Northshore Hamilton has been identified as an ideal site for building the Athletes’ Village for the 2032 Olympics? While the international sports event is still a decade away, planning discussions have begun between Brisbane City Council and the International Olympics Committee (IOC). 

Documents released by IOC showed that Hamilton’s Northshore could be the site of a new 14,000-bed facility, which the athletes will call their temporary home in Brisbane.

For the next few years, Hamilton Northshore’s 50-hectare riverfront land will be boosted with heaps of commercial and residential developments to prepare the precinct once the international guests arrive.  

The athletes’ village could be turned into public housing after the Olympics. 

Photo Credit: Google Maps

However, the committee also said that other location options around Brisbane are still under evaluation and the details will be provided with due diligence. 

IOC said that they decided the host in advance because of “the uncertainty the world is facing right now” and they would like to seize the momentum presented by Brisbane and its many project developments.

IOC also said that about 80 to 90 percent of the “advanced Games concept” venues needed in the Olympics are already existing in Brisbane or will be completed by 2032. 

“The hard work is not over yet as we embark on an 11 year journey, working closely with all three levels of government, to deliver the transport infrastructure our growing region needs for many decades to come,” Lord Mayor Adrian Schrinner said.

Brisbane will be the third Australian location to host the Olympics after Sydney in 2000 and Melbourne in 1956.