Here’s Your Last Chance To See Stunning Public Art Installations In Northshore Hamilton

The 2021 Brisbane Festival is about to end in a few days, but there’s still a few more fun activities you must not miss if you haven’t already been, such as the free light-themed art installations, Airship Orchestra and Sky Castle in Northshore Hamilton.

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Airship Orchestra

Photo credit: Eness

Take a sunset cruise on Brisbane’s Art Boat to see the Airship Orchestra on 25 September 2021. This interactive installation is composed of 16 inflatable characters, to immerse audiences in a glowing world where you can experience the Brisbane River in a new light. 

Created by art and technology company Eness, this installation produces notes playing real-time with the sound evolving as you interact with the characters. 

Photo credit: Eness

Aside from the Airship Orchestra, Brisbane’s Art Boat also features a lively bar, live performances, and an evening soundscape by Tribal Experiences Managing Director and Yuggera and Turrbal man, Shannon Ruska. To book your cruise, visit Brisbane Festival’s website.

Sky Castle

Photo credit: Eness

This free-to-visit interactive installation is a magical dreamscape of inflatable arches, with ethereal symphonic work that changes colour as visitors move through its luminous arches. Also a great work of Eness, this installation’s light and music have been specially orchestrated to inspire joy and hope in people as they flow in and out.

Photo credit: Eness

“As more people join the journey, the contemporary score crescendos in intensity creating a lush, orchestral piece that is different every night as it responds to crowd flow and fluctuations,” said Eness.  

Sky Castle will be open for viewing from 4:00 p.m. to 8:00 p.m. until 25 Sept. 

Stay COVID safe when attending the event by maintaining social distancing, checking in with the QLD app, and wearing a mask. 

Be Amazed At Brisbane Festival’s Mesmerizing Light Artworks In Hamilton

Interactive sound and light installations will be on exhibit at Northshore Hamilton in September 2021 as the iconic Brisbane Festival returns bigger and brighter than ever to chase away the blues brought by the pandemic.

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Light up your September days and nights with Sky Castle, an interactive installation that is making its home at Northshore Hamilton before floating down the river on Brisbane’s Art Boat. This dreamy, interactive sound and light installation features a cluster of inflatable arches that span in colourful symphony across the public space.

Sky Castle (Photo credit: ENESS)

Launched in Melbourne’s Fed Square in 2020 to celebrate its emergence from a third lockdown, Sky Castle already made its way in Shenzhen and in Hong Kong, evoking joy and hope with its light, colour, and music.

Meanwhile, the Airship Orchestra is a collection of inflatables representing “mystical tribe of unearthly characters beamed from the night stars.”

Photo credit: ENESS

In full, the custom light installation showcases 16 inflatables (some up to six metres) extending over a 500 square metre area. The sound experience is its own spatial environment, immersing visitors in an arresting score written character-by-character for a full choir. The generative soundscape synced with light creates an adventure that is aesthetically dynamic both day and night.

Photo credit: ENESS

The interactive art installation is made by Victoria-based art and technology company ENESS. Since 1997, the company has been installing artworks worldwide for signature commercial buildings; urban and cultural precincts; festivals, galleries and museums of modern art.

Both Sky Castle (15-25 Sept) and Airship Orchestra (3-12 Sept) are free to view in Hamilton, but you will need tickets for a cruise. For more information about the events, check out Brisbane Festival’s website or follow the festival’s Facebook page for updates.